Bike Servicing At Events

We offer our bike servicing packages, on the road as well as in store. Our fully trained mechanics can help sort out your ride, pre or post event to get it back to its former glory. Whilst we may not have very single spare part at all events, out retailing unit should have you covered in most instances!

Please note that we will only be able to provide our Bronze and Silver Service packages at all events, with the gold service package at a selected few.


Bronze Service – £25

  • Full safety check including: all bolts checked for correct torque, wheels checked for play and frame checked for structural damage.
  • Gears checked, re-aligned and lubricated
  • Brakes checked for wear, re-aligned and cables checked
  • Chain, cassette and jockey wheels cleaned & lubricated
  • Tyres checked for wear
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressures
  • Wheels checked for tightness and trueness


Silver Service – £50

  • All that is included in a bronze service plus:
  • Replacement of all inner & outer brake & gear cables*
  • Replacement of all brake blocks/pads*


Gold Service – £100

  • All that is included in a bronze and silver service plus:
  • Wheels trued and straightened
  • Wheel bearings removed greased and replaced where necessary*
  • Bottom bracket removed, greased and bottom bracket or bottom bracket bearings replaced where necessary*

*all parts used are at an additional cost