Bike Through The Post

Bike Through The Post gives you the option of having a bike delivered to your home or business address anywhere in the UK.


How does it work?

  1. You book your bike with British Bike Hire at least 48 hours in advance
  2. British Bike Hire takes the front wheel and seatpost off of your bike, and then puts it in a bike box, these are good for a return journey with our couriers
  3. The courier comes and collects the bike from us and delivers it to you on a working weekday, someone must be at the address to sign for the box
  4. You build your bike up with the instructions and tools provided
  5. You ride your bike!
  6. You build the bike back up and put it in the bike box, the courier then comes and collects it from you on a pre-arranged date
  7. We get the bike back, and the hire is over


What if I Really Like The Bike?

Have a look at our Try Before You Buy Scheme – if you like your bike, we’ll sell you the bike but take away the hire cost, when used in conjunction with the Bike Through The Post Scheme, we’ll also refund you the return courier fee.