Hotel Bike Hire Packages

British Bike Hire can offer a fully functioning hire station in your Hotel or Leisure facility. The benefits are wide-ranging, including:

  • Improving your businesses carbon footprint, by offering a healthy activity for all the family
  • Adding an extra source of income to your business
  • Attract Corporate Clients to your Hotel by offering a great team building leisure activity


How it works:

By offering a full pop up package British Bike Hire will use its expertise and systems to create an easy to manage service for your staff to follow.

The bikes can be:

  • Purchased – The Hotel can purchase its own bikes (new or nearly new) at a preferential rate from British Bike Hire.
  • Leased – For an upfront deposit and a low Monthly fee the Hotel can lease the bikes from British Bike Hire from a minimum period of 9 Months of the year. This option allows the Hotel to have new bikes every year.
  • Electric Bikes – Ask us about Electric Bikes, a fantastic revenue stream opportunity for your business.




British Bike Hire will then create a full Marketing package including in room literature, web site page, posters and banners.

Our team of mechanics will then make quarterly visits to maintain and check over your fleet of bikes.

We can provide staff training to advise on the set up of bikes, deal with customer enquiries / complaints, as well as basic maintenance such as how to change a tyre.

Finally we can provide advice and templates for terms and conditions of hire as well as disclaimers to meet the legal requirements for operating bike hire

To make an enquiry, please call us on 0800 689 3527 or email us at