Corporate Bike Servicing Packages

If you’d like to get all the bikes at the office serviced, or just your own, we can arrange for our mechanics to come in whilst you work and get everyone’s bike back to 100% for the ride home. This servicing option can be done quickly and whilst you work, thus providing a hassle free solution to getting your bike serviced when time is tight!


How does it work?

  1. Phone 0800 689 3527 or email to arrange a time and place for your corporate bike service
  2. Our mechanics will turn up on the day and begin getting to work on everyone’s bikes
  3. If some bikes need more maintenance or possibly replacement parts that the team don’t have with them, it can be arranged for these to be replaced and sorted at a later date
  4. Once the day is done, all bikes will be back to their former glory and ready for the road!



Being a bike hire company, we can arrange for bikes to be tested and hired out on the day of the mechanics coming in, this can help solve any problems that might arise if a bike is in need of more serious maintenance as well.

Further to our hire fleet, we can also bring a range of bikes for sale should you be looking for an upgrade, and of course the mechanics are always at hand to share their thoughts.